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Stick People

Aidan Morrison is a troubled young psychologist, with a weakness for fires and the wrong women. After a traumatic breakup with his long-time lover, he seeks release and renewal on a backpacking trip to the Ferrous Valley Wilderness, a lonely chunk of land tucked deep in the Adirondacks. His partners on this expedition include his close friend, Ryan, and a social misfit named Malek Bano.


Before heading in, the three men stop at a diner where Aidan meets Sarah, a young waitress and aspiring novelist who shares the mysterious history of the Ferrous Valley. He also encounters a strange local who offers a chilling warning about their destination. Undaunted, Aidan and his partners plunge into the wilderness. 


Stick People is a tale of suspense, tragedy, love and the supernatural.


The book is available in both ebook and paperback at

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