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When it comes to writing, I’m a late bloomer. Very late, actually. For 25 years, I was happy as a visual artist. Then suddenly, twelve years years ago, the urge to write came knocking. I opened the door, foolish me, and ever since, I’ve been writing and writing with the only end in sight, dementia or the shroud.                  


I’m hooked. Addicted.

Now my job is to addict you, the reader. 


OK, that’s hyperbole. How about “pique your interest?” It’s a daunting task, considering everything else that’s coming at you. But I’ve primed my writing style for that challenge.

Adventure, suspense, romance—these are the key ingredients in my quest for your attention. 

So far, I’m the author of the Light at the End of the Trail—a two-part memoir documenting the peaks and valleys of my earthly existence—and four novels, Ends of the Earth, Kings Canyon, Stick People, and Harpies. Two other novels are in the hopper.


None of this makes me much money but it doesn’t have to. I’m semi-retired, though I continue to teach part-time at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.

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