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cover Harpies - David Grannis Moore.jpg

Finalist for 2023 CNY Book Award for Fiction


It’s 1974, the sixties are over, but they still have a hold on Jeremy Wilde, rock guitar virtuoso, and his buddy Luke—party boy, pothead, and free-love devotee.

Jeremy's got a passion for the wilds and talks Luke into a three-night campout in the Silver Lake Wilderness, a desolate chunk of land in the western Adirondacks. Always on the prowl, Luke hopes to meet up with some foxy young ladies. “You kidding me?” Jeremy says. “We probably won’t see another soul the entire trip.”

He’s quickly proven wrong. As they settle in at their first campsite and Jeremy’s hammering out Black Queen on his acoustic guitar, they spot a pair of lights heading their way. “Who the hell’s hiking out here this time of night?” Luke says. “Guess we’re gonna find out,” Jeremy tells him.

Relationships form, decisions are made, events follow—and what starts out as a mellow, kick-back sojourn turns into a harrowing quest for survival.

Harpies is a tale of suspense, love, and the paranormal that will make your heart pound and your skin crawl.

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