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A Past Life

It’s post-Covid San Francisco. Liam McCarthy, recently widowed by the pandemic, has a recurring dream he can only half-remember. There’s a woman in the dream but her identity remains a mystery. His search for clues ultimately takes him on a journey to another time and place. A place of elemental beauty, but also one of ignorance, fear, and superstition. A place where animals still prey on humans, and the powerful prey on the powerless.


He soon becomes a pariah in this new world, branded as a sorcerer, and is hunted relentlessly. Fearing for his life, he searches for a way back home. His search brings him an answer to his dream, but will he make it out alive?


A Past Life is a tale of love, suspense, and adventure that challenges the imagination.

Is this the only life we’ve lived, or is it one of many that span the centuries?

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