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Ends of the Earth

Paul Murphy could lose everything—his wife, kids, and career as a marriage counselor. Why? Because 15 years ago, he had an affair with a client and his wife just discovered the love letters. She’s hurt but she’s mad, too. Furious, actually. 


As fate would have it, his two best chums are suffering marital crises of their own. At the top of an Adirondack mountain, the three of them stew around the campfire, ruminating on their shared plight. Suddenly, Paul gets an idea—a bigidea! To save their marriages, he declares, the three of them must head out on the biggest, baddest, wildest camping trip ever—a canoe trip in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. 


“We’ll miss our wives!”he claims. “Our wives will miss us. They’ll yearn for us, ache for us. . .see us for the great adventurers we truly are.”It’s a desperate move and he knows it.


Two months later, a float plane delivers them to a remote outpost in a huge park in northern Ontario. Their nine-day adventure begins. But it turns out that the wilderness challenges they expected—predatory animals, life-threatening rapids, rapacious bugs—pale in comparison to one they could not have foreseen: mysterious visitors from the unknown.


Ends of the Earth is available in both ebook and paperback at and ebook at Barnes and Noble, Apple iBook Store, and Kobo.

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