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Why say no?

There are several reasons why some people refuse to consider the possibility of alien visitation:

And by the way, I respect all of them.

1. They don’t care.

My wife falls into this category. She actually thinks the subject is boring and it doesn’t matter to her if aliens have visited our planet or not.

I find this hard to believe. If I saw a spaceship in our backyard, wouldn’t she be interested in checking it out? Perhaps only if it was trampling her flowers.

2. They claim there’s no way they could get here—it’s too dang far.

Please see previous blog.

3. They’re afraid to invite ridicule upon themselves.

Here’s an example: A few years ago, I read an article about a huge mysterious imprint that was found at the bottom of the ocean somewhere. I don’t remember the details. A couple days later, I mentioned it at a friend’s house around dinner.

I just mentioned it. I didn’t say I thought it was evidence of an underwater alien civilization. Well. . .you’d think I’d said I found a leprechaun under my napkin. I was met with a chorus of laughter, a tinkle of titters, and comments like: “So what do you think it was, Dave, a giant UFO?”

Aren’t I allowed to be curious?

4. They associate aliens and UFOs with crackpots and weirdos.

Yes, there are crackpots out there whose belief systems are too permeable, too soft, and they’re ready to gobble up just about anything that smacks of weird. When it comes to UFOs and ETs, they muddy the waters.

But crackpots are in the minority. With a little digging, it’s pretty easy to root them out.

5. Their minds are under lock and key.

Open-minded skepticism is not only healthy and important, it’s necessary. I love open-minded skepticism.

Closed-minded skepticism is none of those things. It is rigid, intolerant, and clings to preconceived beliefs like a barnacle to a boulder. Closed-minded skeptics actually impede the growth of knowledge by trying to stamp it out. From my perspective, skepticism seems to be their religion. They’re defending their faith.

To those of you who fall into any or all of these categories, all I say, come on folks, loosen up. The issue of alien visitation is too fascinating not to investigate.

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